Here are some quick perspectives on the matter of the actions by the Board of the RASC and certain individuals associated with the Council of the Calgary Centre since the summer of 2019.  These actions continue to this day.  They were not initiated by me or by Grace Nelson, but by these individuals, who have now been termed as RASC Renegades by us.

Any information posted by us or by our Paralegal Investigator and Researcher are in response and in answer to the allegations that have been raised by the vicious, vindictive, and malicious allegations and acts, that have been perpetrated on myself and Grace.  Many of which are documented on the website www.rascrenegades.ca Here are some of the main points in regard to these matters.

Our evidence is based on factual information, written communications, emails, posts on social media, audio recordings and in some cases transcripts of conversations with the individual RASC renegades mentioned.

Defamation of character of Roger and Grace Nelson

Targeted Attacks aimed at Grace Nelson then Roger Nelson in attempts to initially persuade Grace to leave the Calgary Centre Council, done by Roland Deschenes and others associated with the Calgary Centre.

Threats of Physical Harm to Roger Nelson by Robyn Foret

Demands that Roger and Grace obey the RASC Renegades or else there will be unspecified consequences, which in fact were eventually carried out by these individuals. Including Watson, Gainor, Foret, Ennis, Laird, Deschenes, Mortillaro, and others.

Refusal to Undertake and/or participate in an Independent Dispute resolution process.

Considerable Harm and Damages have been incurred by Roger and Grace Nelson.

I would encourage individuals to visit www.rascrenegades.ca to learn more about the scope and breadth of what the RASC Renegades are up to and the harm that these Renegades are also doing to the RASC. Including but not limited to the following corrupt, crooked and criminal acts:

  • Flagrant disregard for the By-Laws of the Society when it comes to the procedures for resolution of disputes.
  • Misuse of funds to cover up the illegal actions.
  • Violation of the Rules of the Society’s Act. /Laws that govern Not for Profit Societies under which the Society Operates.
  • Rigging the elections of the members to the board to maintain continued control of the Board to cover up their actions.
  • Dishonest, misleading, and disreputable behaviour.

More to follow.

Roger Nelson, former National Secretary of the RASC 2018-2020