What’s going to be published here on this website and also on the the sister website rascrenegades.ca will clearly expose the Fuckery, Advanced Fuckery & Super Advanced Fuckery actions, committed by the nefarious Directors & Officers that infest the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) and their Calgary chapter. I call these crooked, corrupt, dishonest and deceitful individuals “RASCrenegades“ and “RASCfeckers”. The leader of these Renegades and Feckers is Michael Watson, who is counsel for the RASC and a partner in the Law Firm of Gowling WLG in Toronto.

WHAT IS FUCKERY: Fuckery is when someone is blatantly and repeatedly telling outright, outrageous lies. And you know they’re lying, and they know that you know they’re lying, and you know they know you know they’re lying, but yet they continue with their dishonest corrupt and deceitful actions.

WHAT IS ADVANCED FUCKERY: Advanced Fuckery is when it goes further than just one person telling blatant outright and sometimes outrageous lies. Advanced Fuckery is when that person not only continues to stick to their lies, but they also get others to conspire with them. Those other conspirators also know they’re lying, and they know that you know they’re lying, and you know they know you know they’re lying, but they all still continue, carrying on repeatedly telling blatant outright and outrageous lies.

WHAT IS SUPER ADVANCED FUCKERY: Is way further than Advanced Fuckery and conspiring with and roping in others to spread lies. Super Advanced Fuckery is those lies turning into more serious corrupt, crooked and criminal acts. And those corrupt crooked and criminal acts then beginning to effect and obstruct the course of justice, corrupting the courts, judicial and quasi-judicial processes, and more.

The truth doesn’t cease to exist just because someone commits Fuckery. The truth certainly doesn’t cease to exist, just because they then commit Advanced Fuckery to cover up the truth. And the truth certainly does not cease to exist just because they then commit Super Advanced Fuckery in their attempts to bury the truth.

The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie only fits another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

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